Acapella - ICs for fiber optic communications

ACC Microelectronics - controllers and peripheral ICs

Acer - system peripheral ICs

Advanced Hardware Architectures - data coding

Advanced Linear Devices - opamps, voltage comparators, analog switches

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) - microprocessors, flash memories, communication and networking,... :

Advanced Power Technology - MOSFETs for switchmode and RF power applications

American Microsystems - wireless, telecom, rom,... :

Advanced Micro Systems - ICs for stepper motors

Advanced RISC Machines - processors, pheriperals :

AITech International - video :

AKM Semiconductor - mixed signals :

Alliance Semiconductor - DRAM, SRAM, flash, multimedia :

Anadigics - GaAs ICs :

Analog Devices

Applied Micro Circuits (AMCC) - PCI, Networking, Clocking, ASIC :

Aptek - thick-film hybrid circuits (moved?)

Aptos Semiconductor - SRAMs, FIFOs, networking ICs

Arcobel Graphics - graphic processors

Array Microsystems - video compressing, DSP

ASICOM - transistors, opamps, A/D & D/A

Astec Semiconductor - power supply

Atmel - Non-volatile memory, FPGA

Audio Digital Imaging - digital video and audio compression multimedia components

Auravision - video processors

Avance Logic - graphics


Benchmarq Technology - battery ICs

Brooktree - digital and mixed-signal

Burr-Brown - analog and mixed signal ICs


C-Cube Microsystems - video chips

Catalyst Semiconductor - serial eproms, NVRAM, flash memories, parallel eproms, mixed signal

Celeritek - microwave, RF communication

Cherry Semiconductor

Chips & Technologies - graphics controllers

Chrontel - video & clock ICs

Cirrus Logic - graphics, audio, modems, wireless communications, data storage

Compensated Devices - diodes

Consumer Microcircuits Limited

CP Clare

Crystal Semiconductor - audio, telecommunication, data acquisition

Cylink - spread spectrum ICs

Cypress Semiconductor - SRAM, NVRAM, FIFO, PLD, FPGA, FCT logic, PC chipsets, ...

Cyrix - Processors


Dallas - timer circuits, CPU supervisors, digital potentiometers, memories,telecommunication, microcontrollers, timekeeping, identification, ...

Dialog Semiconductor

Digital (DEC) - Alpha microprocessors, network and communications, bridges, multimedia, ARM

Diodes Inc. - diodes

DSP Group - DSP


Echelon - network ICs

Elantec - amplifiers, buffers, video, communications, power mosfet drivers, data processing, comparators

Electronic Technology (ETC) - microprocessor supervisory

Ensoniq - Chip Division - sound & DSP ICs

Ericsson - telecom & opto ICs, RF power transistors

Exar - data acquisition, datacom, telecom,...

Exel - EEPROMS, microcontroller peripherals


Fujitsu - analog ICs, ATM, SPARC microprocessors, lan/ethernet, memory,...

Fujitsu Microelectronics


Galileo Technology - data communication controllers, FIFO, PC system ICs

GEC Plessey - communications, mass storage, networking, automotive, power control, video,...


General Instrument - power semiconductors

Genesis Microchip - video ICs

Gennum - analog signal processors, analog multiplexers, audio amplifiers,...

GHz Technology - RF and microwave power transistors

Graychip - DSP


Harris Semiconductor - video & multimedia, wireless communications, analog & digital signal processing, data acquisition, power ICs, microprocessors, microcontrollers, ...

Hitachi - memories, microcontrollers, microprocessors

Holtek Microelectronics - microcontrollers, telecom, PC peripheral, memory, ...

Hewlett-Packard - motion control, RF & microwave, ICs, ...

Hutson Industries - thyristors

HyComp - hybrid circuits

Hyundai - DRAM, SRAM, 386 and 486 Chipset, RAMDAC, PLL, ...


I-Cube - network ICs

IBM Semiconductor Division, analog & mixed signal, networking ICs, microcontroller, microprocessor, memory, ...


InteGraphics Systems - graphics and video accelerators

IMP - analog signal processing

Information Storage Devices - voice chips

Integrated Circuit Systems - video/motherboard timing generator, communications, multimedia, ...

Integrated Device Technology - SRAM, microprocessors, FIFO, ATM, ...

Integrated Silicon Solutions - memories

Integrated Telecom - ATM ICs

Intel - processors, flash, microcontrollers, networking, ...

International Rectifier - power transistors

International Semiconductor - diodes, rectifiers, ...

Irvine Sensors - DRAM, SRAM, FLASH, IR

ITT Semiconductors - digital audio & video ICs, multimedia, communications, microcontrollers, discrete semiconductors, ...

IXYS - power discretes


Pas de sites


KOA - resistor


Lansdale Semiconductor - semiconductor aftermarket company (obsolete products from many other manufacturers)

Lattice Semiconductor - PLD, GAL

Level One Communications - networking ICs

Linear Technology

Lintel - encryption ICs

Logic Devices - DSP & imaging processing, FIFO, SRAM, ...

LSI Logic - satellite ICs, MPEG ICs, ...

Lucent Technologies - networking ICs, communication ICs, DSP, FPGA, RF, ...


M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers - Flash memory

Matsushita Electronic

Maxim - A/D & D/A converters, opamps, precision voltage reference, wireless/RF, ...

Mediamatics - MPEG

MedianiX - DSP

Metalink - high speed transmission chipsets

Micrel - computer peripherals, voltage regulators, MOSFET, display drivers, ...

Micro Networks - data converters, amplifiers

Microchip Technology - microcontrollers, serial EEPROM

MicroClock - clock synthesizers

Microlinear - networking ICs, A/D & D/A, telecommunications, video, ...

Micron Technology - memories

MicroUnity - multimedia processor

Microsemi - rectifiers, RF products, voltage regulators, transistors, thyristors, ...


MIPS Technologies - microprocessors

Mitel Semiconductor - analog & digital switches, DTMF, voice compressing, networking ICs, ...

Mitsubishi Semiconductor

MMC Networks - networking ICs

Mosaid - memories

Mosel Vitelic - memories

Motorola Semiconductor Products

Motorola / Motorola (semiconductor products division)

Music Semiconductors - networking ICs



National Semiconductor - analog & digital logic, networking ICs, microcontrollers, microprocessors, telecommunications, ...

NEC Electronics - memories, microcontrollers, microprocessors, ...

NEC - memories, transistors, DSP, A/D & D/A, microwave, ...

NeoMagic - graphic controller

NexGen merged with AMD

Novalog - IrDA

NTE Electronics - diodes, transistors, MOSFETS, rectifiers, voltage regulators, ...

NVidia - multimedia acceleration ICs


Oak Technology - CDROM controllers, MPEG decoders, acceleration ICs, audio ICs

Oki Semiconductor (no frames) - RF & fiber optics, telecom ICs, speech ICs, microcontrollers, microprocessors, peripheral ICs, display drivers & controllers, memories, ...

OPTI - processors & PC peripherals, audio ICs, graphic ICs

Orbit Semiconductor - gate arrays

Oxford Micro Devices - DSP

Oxford Semiconductor - UART


Paradigm Technology - SRAM

PCSI - telecom ICs

Performance Motion Devices (PMD) - Motor control ICs

Pericom - interface logic ICs, networking ICs, clock ICs

Philips Semiconductor - wireless communications, multimedia, audio/video, microcontrollers, digital logic, discretes, wired communications, ...

Phylon - DSP, datacom ICs

PLX Technology - PCI to local bus bridge ICs, clock ICs

PMC-Sierra - networking ICs

PowerTech - power transistors

Power Trends - switching voltage regulators


QLogic - SCSI controllers

Quality Semiconductor - FCT logic, analog & bus switches, FIFO, dual-port RAM, network ICs, clock management, ...

Quantum Effect Design - processors

QuickLogic - FPGA


RAD - networking ICs

RadiSys controllers for embedded applications

Rambus - memories

Ramtron - memories

Real3D - graphics ICs

Realtek Semiconductor - audio ICs, controllers, telecom ICs, networking ICs, video controller ICs, ...

Rendition - graphic controllers

RF Micro Devices - amplifiers, receivers, transceivers, modulators, ...

Rockwell - datacom ICs, wireless communications, GPS

Rohm transistors, diodes, FPGA, microcontrollers, memories, communication ICs, multimedia ICs, hybrid ICs, ...

Ross Technology - SPARC ICs


S3 - multimedia accelerators

S-MOS Systems - graphic ICs

Samsung Semiconductor - memories, audio & video ICs, telecom, microcontrollers, ...

Sandisk - FLASH chipsets

SEEQ Technology - networking ICs

Seiko Epson - microcontrollers, SRAM, EEPROM, LCD drivers, telecom ICs, ...

Seiko SII Electronic Components Division - voltage detectors & regulators, FCT logic, memories

Semicoa Semiconductors - transistors, optoelectronics

Semiconductor Technology (STI) - transistors

Semitron - transient voltage circuit protection

Semtech - voltage regulators, rectifiers

Sensory - speech synthesis ICs, microcontrollers

Sharp Microelectronics - memories, microcontrollers

Siemens AG - memories, microcontrollers, network ICs, IGBT, voltage regulators, RF, ...


Sierra Semiconductor - networking ICs

Sigma Designs - video ICs

Signal Processing Technologies (STP) - A/D & D/A

Signal Technology

Silicon Composers - microprocessors

Silicon Systems (SSi) - storage ICs

Simtek - NVRAM

Sipex - serial transceivers, data converters

Sony Semiconductor - memories, IR, wireless communications, audio, video, ...

Space Electronics - memories, microprocessors, FPGA, A/D, logic & analog ICs

Standard Microsystems (SMC) - PC controller ICs, networking ICs

Stanford Telecom - CATV modulators & demodulators, receivers

Sun Microelectronics - SPARC microprocessors , interface ICs, ...

Suni Image Microsystems - mixed signal ICs, ICs for electronic imaging

Symbios Logic - SCSI controllers

Synergy Semiconductor - networking ICs, PLLs

Syntaq Technology - memories


Teccor Electronics - TRIACs, rectifiers, ...

Teltone - DTMF ICs

Temic (Siliconix) - analog switches/multiplexers, memories, FIFO, microcontrollers, power ICs, transistors, diodes, ...

Texas Instruments > Semiconductors - DSP, wireless communications, mixed signal & analog, networking ICs, microcontrollers/processors, PLD, memories, ...

Thaler - A/D, voltage references

Thesys - video ICs, transmit/receive ICs, PLLs, USB ICs

Toko America - SAW filters, low drop regulators, PWM controllers, MOSFET drivers, ...

Toshiba > Electronic Components - multimedia ICs, networking ICs, CMOS logic, microcontrollers, memories, IGBTs, GTOs, GaAs FETs, PLL, transistors, ...

TransSwitch -networking ICs

Trident Microsystems - video processing ICs

Triquint Semiconductor - RF, digital & mixed signal ICs

TriTech - multimedia ICs, speech ICs

Tseng Labs - graphic accelerators, multimedia controllers

Tundra - PCI bus bridge ICs, VME bridge ICs, encryption ICs, ...


United Microelectronics (UMC) - memories, voice ICs, microcontrollers, A/D, ...

United Technologies Microelectronics (UTMC) - memories, microcontrollers, ...

Unitrode - communication ICs, linear regulators, PWM-controllers, brushless DC motor controllers, FET/IGBT drivers, ...

USAR Systems - keycoders, mousecoders, protocol interpreters


V3 Semiconductor - microprocessors, PCI bus interface

Vadem - microcontrollers, PCMCIA controllers, LCD VGA controllers

Vantis - programmable logic

Vectron Technologies - voltage controlled oscillators, SAW filters

VIA Technologies - microprocessor chipsets, network controllers, PC peripherals

VideoLogic - multimedia ICs

Vitesse - datacom & telecom ICs

Vivid Semiconductor - LCD drivers

VLSI Technology - networking ICs, datacom ICs


Waferscale Integration (WSI) - programmable MCU peripherals

Weitek - video display controllers, RAMDACs, PC controller ICs, ...

Westcode Semiconductor : diodes, thyristors

Western Design Center - microcontrollers

White Microelectronics - DRAM, SRAM, EEPROM, flash, microcontrollers

Winbond - SRAM, video ICs, telephony ICs, embedded processors, speech ICs, PC chipsets & peripheral ICs

Wolfson - communications ICs, networking ICs, A/D & D/A, digital imaging ICs


Xecom - telecontrollers, modem modules, ...

Xicor - EEPROMS, flash, NOVRAMs, microperipherals

Xilinx - FPGA, CPLD


Yamaha - video ICs, datacom ICs, audio ICs


ZCOMM - voltage controlled oscillators

Zetex : transistors, diodes

Zilog - microcontrollers, microprocessors, computer peripheral controllers, DSP, communication controllers