Modélisation des Cellules Solaire :

PV Module Characteristics

where i and v are the array’s terminal current and voltage, and Isc and Voc are its short-circuit current
and open-circuit voltage, respectively. The thermal voltage of the array is Vth = mkT/q, where there
are m cells in series, k is Boltzmann’s constant, T is the absolute temperature and q is the électronic charge.
Eqn. 1 (Fig. 2a) gives a unimodal v-p characteristic (Fig. 2b); the MPP (V*, P*) is
where ∂ p/∂ v = 0, p = vi being the power.
The characteristic can be modelled electrically by a current source Isc shunted by m diodes, as in Fig. 1.

Quality Fill Factor : FF
Maximal Power Point : MPP
Short Circuit Courant : Isc
Open Circuit Voltage : Voc

FF = (Impp * Umpp) / (Isc * Voc) ≈ [ Voc - Ln(Voc + 0.72) ] / (Isc * Voc)

Evaluating MPPT Converter Topologies using a MATLAB PV Model (.pdf, 150Ko)

I = IL - Io * [eq(V+IRS)/nkT-1] .(1)
IL = IL(T1) * [1 + Ko(T-T1)] .(2)
IL(T1) = G * Isc(T1,nom) / G(nom) .(3)
Ko = [Isc(T2) - Isc(T1)] / (T2-T1) .(4)
Io = Io(T1) * (T/T1)(3/n) *e-qVg/nk*(1/T-1/T1) .(5)
Io(T1) = Isc(T1) / [eqVoc(T1)/nkT1-1] .(6)
RS = -dV / dIVoc - 1 / Xv .(7)
Xv = Io(T1) * q/nkT1 * eqVoc(T1)/nkT1 .(8)

Calcule du Coefficient de Température de Voc et Isc

k 1.3806505e-23 Boltzman's const.    
q 1.6021918e-19 Charge on a électron    
A "Diode quality" factor
=2 crystaline
<2 amorphous
Vg bandGap Voltage (eV)
1.12 : xtal Si
≈1.75 : amorphous si
G Num of Suns (1 Sun = 1000W/m²)    
Ns Number of series connected cells (diodes)    
Voc(T1) Open Circuit Voltage at T1 (V) Voc(T1)/Cell
Isc(T1) Short Circuit Courant at T1 (A)    
Voc(T2) Open Circuit Voltage at T2 (V)    
Isc(T2) Short Circuit Courant at T2 (A) Voc(T2)/Cell
T1 T1 (°C)    
T2 T2 (°C) V/°C of Voc(T1)
Ta Array working Temp (°C) V/°C of Voc(T1) Cell
Tr Reference Temp (°C) A/°C of Isc(T1)
Ia (A)  
Va (V)
Vt_Ta (V)
Vcell (V)
Iph (A)
Ir (A)
Rs (Ω) ohms


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